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    Through the "HEA" platform, seniors make appointments according to their needs, and Allied Health Practioners come to provide professional services to patients as required. The content covers physical therapy, home safety and electric vehicle assessment, nutritionist consultation, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

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    Through the HEA platform, you will get the following high-quality services.

    • +Qualified Allied Health Practioners
    • +Feel like you are at Home Services
    • +24x7 Emergency Services
    • +Save your Money and Time with us
    • +Easy and Affordable Billing

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    Please check our opening hours and make an appointment in advance.

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    The Best For Your Health

    Please choose HEA related services according to your own needs


    Work with people to treat a broad range of health conditions including sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions as well as chronic health conditions etc.

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    Occupational Therapist

    Occupational therapists use a variety of therapeutic activities to help people of all ages prevent, reduce, or overcome disabilities.

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    Registered dietitians can provide personalized nutritional therapy services, design a personalized meal plan, prescribe nutritional supplements.

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    It is through the function of meridians, acupoints, and the application of certain techniques to treat systemic diseases.

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    Traditional Chinese medicine has a legal status in Australia, and more than 50% of Australians have used non-Western medicine natural remedies.

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    Door-to-Door Services

    The patients make appointments according to their needs, and HEA Allied Health Practioners come to provide professional services.

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    Our senior allied health professionals

    We have a robust physician system that can meet the vast majority of your needs

    Emergency Line - 1300 330 538

    Emergency Line

    1300 330 538


    Customer evaluation is the biggest driving force for us to move forward

    I am 88 years old and a dance lover. Due to excessive exercise for a long time, I changed the left hip bone in 2013 and the right hip bone in 2017. I walk very little, and my legs gradually become weak. I often feel top-heavy and cannot walk without a wheelchair. They have been very caring for me since receiving HEA service last year. I sent Xiao Yao, a Western medicine physiotherapist, and Xiao Yan, a Chinese acupuncturist, to save me. Before, my entire back was very hard and painful, people were arching up, and when I lowered my head, I would fall. I fell on the dirt twice last year and after this period of treatment I am much better now.

    I have a severe spinal cord injury. From Cervical vertebrae to lumbosacral vertebra compression lesions, unbearable pain, decreased sense of hearing impairment, especially the body out of balance. Thanks to Xiaoyan for the acupuncture treatment for me during this period, and the rehabilitation training taught by physiotherapist Xiaozhou. With their careful treatment and help, I feel much better.

    I am a stomach cancer patient. Since surgery and chemotherapy, I have lost 20 pounds. I have been very weak and lacking energy. Since I met Dr. Li, a nutritionist, she helped me formulate a diet plan according to my physical condition. All the foods are basically based on the tastes I usually like. She also recommended me some nutritional products that meet my needs. I consulted her about health issues, and she patiently answered me. Under her careful conditioning and treatment, my physical condition is getting better and better now, my weight has returned to normal, my face has become rosy, my mood has improved, and I have gained strength to walk. Moreover, the cancer indicators have been well controlled, and a correct diet is the most effective medicine. Thank you very much Dr. Li!

    I am a standard three-high population, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and a pacemaker. I need to take long-term medication to control the disease. Due to being overweight, he has not gone out at home since the epidemic. After walking a few steps, he was sweating profusely, panting, and his legs and feet were swollen. Since a friend introduced a nutritionist, Dr. Lin, to help me, my situation has improved a lot. Based on my examination results, Dr. Lin formulated a healthy weight loss recipe for me. Due to the standardized diet, I lost about 4 kilograms in 3 months. Now I feel very relaxed. My family and friends also say that I look much younger. Thank you so much, Dr. Lin, for helping me regain my health!